Free Printable Credit Dispute Forms

When sending in the credit dispute form, be sure you include a copy of your driverís license for proof of identity. You will also want to include copies of any documents you may have to help with your dispute form claim. When disputing an issue, be sure you do so with each bureau.


Here are the addresses of the three major credit bureaus:



Box 2000

Chester, PA 19022


P.O. Box 740256

Atlanta, GA 30374


PO Box 9595

Allen, TX 75013-9595


Download the credit dispute form: PDF or Word Doc



How To Add Accounts Not Listed To Your File


Your credit report may not reflect all your current credit accounts. Although most national department store and all-purpose bank credit card accounts will be included in your file, not all creditors supply the credit bureaus with this information. Some travel, entertainment, gasoline card companies, local retailers, and credit unions are among those creditors that don't. If you have been told you were denied credit because of an "insufficient credit file" or "no credit file" and you have accounts with creditors that do not appear in your credit file, ask them to add this information to future reports. Although they are not required to do so, many will add verifiable accounts for a fee. You should, however, understand that if these creditors do not report on a regular basis, these added items will not be updated in your file.


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